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Nuclear Power Plants

All components for these highly safety-relevant objects must function safely are designed for long-term reliability. We are due to many years of experience the operators and suppliers of system components on materials, assemblies and small parts in an advisory capacity.

Cement Plants

Reliability and durability are here the tasks for the operator and the operating personnel. Based on years of experience, we are the operators and suppliers of plant components through special materials such as ceramic or Hardox, and complete assemblies in an advisory capacity.

Power Transformer

Systems that are built according to high safety standards and are subject to regular inspections. Here we are working for you in the selection of materials, manufacturing technology, as well as in the field of testing and monitoring.

security organisations

A patent pending product supports the police or explosive teams in securing discovered, abandoned, suspicious finds. Ask for our product.

local government

Operating points of the municipal enterprises have many problems, such as the preservation of road safety. Here we have some products designed to specifically ensure a safer anti-fouling to road marker. Ask about our proposals. (Click on the image for more information)

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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

All units, for the betterment of the people subject to strict safety regulations. Materials are here exposed to many influences to interference and result-oriented. Many manufacturers are in the design, selection of suitable materials and the implementation and construction of the customer in our competence.
Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting

A technology in which the substrate is not abrasive and highly efficient cleaned or treated. Our products support both the manufacturer of stationary and mobile dry ice blasting machines as well as the operators.


The manufacturers of engines, as well as plant manufacturers are interested to meet the stringent requirements of the authorities in order to achieve high efficiencies and lowest emissions. Materials and components on test benches of the engine manufacturers are much higher requirements as in the continuous shooting mode.
In a preliminary meeting all requirements of the product determined taking into account the possibly ensuing legal backgrounds. Following a requirement profile is created with the choice of the materials and the manufacturing process (Water jet cutting, stamping, or CNC machining), in compliance with tolerances, necessities appearance (For example, in view of assembly) and legal backgrounds.
A decision to manufacture its own resources or assignment to other manufacturers is taken further.